Intellectual Property

In the innovation landscape, your intellectual property sits at the core of your assets and value proposition. At Accelerate Law, we're not just experts in intellectual property law; we're practical problem solvers.

Our team specialises in trademarks, trademark registrations, copyright, intellectual property (IP) protection within commercial contracts and resolving IP disputes. We recognise that each innovation is unique and demands tailored solutions. Our services cover the core of intellectual property rights relevant to starting and scaling startups, from registering trademarks and managing trademark disputes, to drafting commercial contracts that safeguard IP rights, to handling complex IP ownership arrangements as part of joint ventures and partnerships. We ensure your startup contracts are aligned with your best interests and those of your shareholders.

Our team of startup lawyers in London and internationally offer strategic insights into leveraging your intellectual property in competitive landscapes. Whether you're a tech startup, a creative studio, or any forward-thinking business, Accelerate Law is your dedicated partner in securing, managing, and enhancing the value of your intellectual property.

Expertise includes:

  • Trademark Registrations

  • Trademark Protection

  • Trademark Disputes and Correspondence

  • Copyright Protection

  • IP Licensing and Agreements

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Master Services Agreements

  • Statements of Work

  • IP Protection in Commercial Contracts

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