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Built for Startups and Investors

Accelerate Law is a boutique legal services provider created the startup and SMEs ecosystem based in London.

Through our team of specialist lawyers, we advise disruptive businesses and investors on their legal matters, helping them execute business strategies, close deals and avoid legal traps in a highly efficient and pragmatic way.

Everything we do is purpose-built for the startup and SMEs industry. Our diverse range of clients choose us for our deep knowledge of how startups and SMEs operate and how founders think, honed through years of dedicated experience in the sector.

Our Unique Model

Unlike traditional law firms, we operate a unique ‘single point of contact’ model, where every startup or investor client is assigned with their own fully flexible in-house lawyer – without the need to actually hire one and at no minimum cost.

No more stress about calling your lawyer through fear of escalating costs, or being shared around different departments of a law firm, or waiting weeks to get anything done, or not knowing where to start when legal needs arise.

With Accelerate Law, our clients work directly with their specific appointed lawyer who integrates in their team, making their experience consistently faster, clearer, and cost-effective. It makes every legal question you have easy to address with someone you know and trust, and every legal job streamlined and transparent from start to finish.

As we know, both startups and SMEs are typically not large corporations and budgets matter. So all fees are pre-agreed and based on a model that works best for you – whether fixed project fees, or time-based with clear boundaries - so you always know where you stand.

Part of Your Team

As a core member of your team, your Accelerate Law lawyer understands your unique profile and needs, and makes smart decisions with you. We don’t just tell you about risks. We’re at your top table, helping you get the legal part right, using it to enhance the way you do business. Plus, all of our lawyers can seamlessly tap into our Accelerate Law network to share and acquire knowledge any time.

Our unique model offers an escape from the stress caused by traditional law firms which, whilst great for their clients, typically aren’t right for ours.


Our clients span various sectors and each have their own unique set of needs. However, what they share is their passion for entrepreneurship and the will to transform the world around them.

We support startups, SMEs and investors of any stage, with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and co-founding teams, to scaling startups and SMEs, to family offices, VC investors, and international companies establishing in the UK. We are proud to have worked with over 600 high impact companies since Accelerate Law was established in 2018.

We also represent a mixture of VCs and family offices and have established strong long-term relationships, providing our flexible in-house lawyer service.

Hear about some of their experiences of working with Accelerate Law here.

Our Lawyers

Our team comprises leaders in startup corporate law, fintech, fundraising and M&A, intellectual property, employment law, and data and privacy, among other critical legal areas.

Like you, they are ambitious, entrepreneurial people. Each member of the team knows what it takes to set up and grow a business and the challenges that come along with it. That means that in practice, our team’s support often goes beyond legal and permeates the strategy and direction of your business.

We only work with lawyers who have a dual commercial and legal skillset and who get what it means to be a startup and SMEs, rather than a large corporation. This enables us to provide services which are designed to accelerate business growth and profitability, always assessing your needs based on business stage, size and priorities. There’s no ‘one size fits all’.

Our Management Team

Accelerate Law is owned and operated by Simon Davies (CEO) and Silvia Dal Cin (COO), both with hybrid legal and entrepreneurial backgrounds, and graduates of the Centre for Entrepreneurs NEF+ accelerator programme.

Simon trained as a solicitor with Magic Circle law firm, Linklaters, before taking in in-house roles at funded startups and later setting up Accelerate Law as a venture to drive innovation in the legal space for startups. Silvia, who originally trained as a lawyer in Italy and later worked as an M&A project manager, later joined as COO to manage business operations and client development, to maximise our potential and impact on the startup ecosystem.

A message from Simon Davies, CEO of Accelerate Law

“We started Accelerate Law to be on the front line of the changes happening in the way legal services are being provided, in particular for startup and SMEs industry players who are changing the world around us. Accelerate Law’s aim is to provide startups of any size and stage with Magic Circle quality at a rate which growing companies can realistically afford and enjoy. We do this by providing a totally trusted, proactive and responsive in-house legal service to our founder and investor clients in a way that we know fits their dynamism and hunger to succeed. By streamlining and offering more efficient legal support to startups and SMEs we want to positively impact as many businesses as we can”.

What our clients say

Founding Team

Simon Davies

Simon Davies

Founder & CEO

Ex-city Lawyer at Linklaters

Startups Expert

Silvia Dal Cin

Silvia Dal Cin

The General Manager

Ex M&A Project Manager

Trained as a lawyer in Italy

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