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At Accelerate Law, we aren’t standard legal advisors; we become your trusted in-house lawyer, working on an entirely flexible basis to provide clients with the benefits of an in-house lawyer without hiring one. We represent an incredibly diverse range of clients, and our expertise spans the entire spectrum of legal services required by startups and investors in the UK entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Our team of startup lawyers is here to support startups in the UK and internationally so that they can confidently overcome or anticipate any legal challenge with us efficiently, proactively and to the highest standards. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs at every stage of your startup journey, from launch to funding to expanding and beyond. As startup lawyers in London, we pride ourselves on offering tech-enabled solutions that simplify complex legal matters and ensure you have the peace of mind needed to be investment ready.

We specialise in startup company lawyer services, providing strategic advice, legal support, and smart contracts. Our commitment is to make legal services accessible, cost-effective, and efficient to any founder. Whether you need legal advice for an individual project like launching your app or product, fundraising, EMI Schemes, or exits and M&A, or you require ongoing legal services for startup companies and investors, we're here to tailor a solution to your unique needs.

Our fundraising expertise includes working with London VCs and angels on seed stage startups and Series A startups, and assisting with raising seed capital or raising pre-seed funding.

At Accelerate Law, we understand that startups need more than just legal guidance. We offer startup law consultation, making sure you have legal services that align with your growth strategies and ensure that your legal foundation is as robust as your business vision.

Expertise includes:

  • Startup Legal Strategy

  • Legal Project Management

  • Contract Drafting and Review

  • Investment and Funding Expertise

  • Corporate Legal Services

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Employment Law

  • Share Options

  • Intellectual Property

  • Legal Consultation

  • Smart Contracts

Whether you're at the start, launch, fund, scale, or exit stage, we work as your dedicated in-house legal team, guiding you through your pivotal moments. With Accelerate Law as your in-house lawyers, you can focus on growing your business with confidence, knowing that you have the best startup lawyers in the UK on your side.

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