B2C and Consumer

Businesses in B2C and consumer retail face unique challenges, from IP rights, to supply chain and distribution management, and layered financing arrangements. Our goal is to simplify the legal complexities that B2C businesses inevitably encounter.

Startup and scaleup founders come to us to deal head on with the unique combination of challenges facing media and B2C businesses today: contracting with manufacturers and distributors, launching e-commerce platforms and apps, striking deals with GTM partners, ensuring data protection compliance, handling disputes, designing refund and returns policies, complying with labelling regulations and more.

As your dedicated in-house legal team, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs and one of our in-house lawyers will work directly with your team.Our mission to make legal services innovative, flexible and entrepreneurial extends to this creative field.

Whether you're a fashion startup breaking into the market, an established retail brand expanding internationally, or an e-commerce entrepreneur shaping the future of retail, we are here to provide clear and informed legal counsel. We become your trusted partner in navigating the legal intricacies of this fast-paced industry, allowing you to focus on creating and delivering outstanding products and experiences to your customers.

At Accelerate Law, we are here to empower your journey in the world of fashion and consumer retail, providing the proactive and pragmatic legal support you need to thrive in this exciting and ever-changing landscape.

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