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Fully flexible in-house lawyers with startup mentality. Seamless, stress-free and on-demand from idea to exit.

A single expert contact point for everything legal

No more hassle of dealing with different law firm departments or uncertainty around fees.

Complete every contract and legal task more efficiently, cost-effectively and smoothly with one expert. No bureaucracy, pure pragmatism and one dedicated individual getting the job done to accelerate growth.

Access the knowledge, speed and personal touch of a specialist in-house lawyer you know and trust, on-demand, at a fraction of the usual cost.

A lawyer for every stage of your lifecycle

The opportunity to have your own in-house lawyer - no matter your size and stage.

Whether you're an entrepreneur with a vision, a scaling startup needing to level up business operations or an investor wanting to enhance the efficiency of your deals, your in-house lawyer can transform the way you close any contract, legal question or process with you.

Work with us to transform the stature, strength and confidence of how you manage relationships both internally and externally - just like that. It's fast, efficient and stress-free.

Think you're too early-stage for a lawyer?

Think again! Apply to join our Legal Sidekick Accelerator including unlimited access to our virtual in-house legal platform, Legal Sidekick.

We accept up to 50 startups each year to participate in our early stage accelerator, where you can gain access to key startup contracts using secure automation, get fast legal answers, and streamline your entrepreneurial journey alongside other growing startups.

As part of our network, you'll also be able to join startup events, connect with industry players and be part of a growing community.

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