Food and Beverage

We regularly work with up and coming food and drinks brands establishing themselves as household names in the UK and internationally. Our mission to make legal services innovative and entrepreneurial is particularly applicable to this space where we need to match the dynamism of our clients.

We understand that food and beverage SMEs often encounter a wide range of challenges, with everything from navigating complex regulations, to negotiating commercial manufacturing and distribution arrangements, to onboarding celebrity brand partners.

That's why we've cultivated deep expertise in this domain, allowing us to serve as a trusted partner to our food and beverage sector clients.

Our approach to legal services in the food and beverage industry is characterised by the same values that drive us — transparency, trust, innovation, empathy, and critical thinking. We believe that legal support should be a catalyst for growth, not a hindrance, and we work closely with startups in this sector, providing agile legal solutions that align with their unique needs.

Whether you're building a new food or drinks brand, expanding the way you sell your products, or developing tech solutions in this space, we're here to simplify your legal needs, offering clear guidance and certainty. We are more than just legal advisors; you can come to us as your on-call, in-house legal team, ensuring that your business is built on strong legal foundation that your company needs to thrive.

Our service is built around helping you draft or negotiate legal documents, complete any legal processes, project manage your legal workflows, and negotiate informed deals with both short and long-term growth in mind.

At Accelerate Law, we are here to empower your journey in the food and beverage industry, providing the legal support you need to build and share incredible products and experiences in this evolving landscape.

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