Environment and Clean Tech

The urgency of climate change and the need to protect our planet have never been more apparent. Our mission is to make legal services innovative and streamline the journey of new generation startups and scaleups that are changing the world for the better.

The environmental regulatory landscape is complex and rapidly evolving, with businesses and organisations facing intricate compliance rules, sustainability targets, and the need to adapt to a constantly changing world. Equally, it is an area ripe for opportunity, with investment mandates regularly centred around climate and sustainability.

As your dedicated legal partner, we offer comprehensive services designed to help startups and scaleups focused on this sector to capitalise on the opportunities available and achieve their objectives.

We are equipped to efficiently navigate environmental law requirements and sustainability initiatives and use them to your advantage. We represent clients across a wide range of areas, from carbon emissions reduction businesses, to specialist green investors, and renewable energy projects.

Whether you're a business seeking to implement environmental policies, a renewable energy startup pioneering the transition to clean energy, or an organisation aiming to align with global sustainability goals, we provide the legal counsel and innovative solutions you need to succeed and to drive positive change.

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