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Our mission is to empower your tech business through legal solutions that drive your ability to launch, sell and grow. We understand the unique challenges faced by tech startups and scaleups, particularly around fundraising, ensuring IP ownership protection, data and privacy and facilitating complex deals with commercial partners.

Having worked with hundreds of software clients and representing VC tech investors extensively, we're often more than just lawyers. We're your dedicated advisors and can work with you to design and adapt user flows and commercial models to your unique vision as part of drafting legal documents for tech businesses.

That’s why our team members are uniquely trained to cover these core aspects, covering both corporate and commercial law, providing a single point of contact for delivering services quickly, securely and personally.

Our client-centric approach puts you in control. We’ll work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your specific requirements, offering tailored solutions that match your stage, size, and budget. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from solo founders to VC-backed ventures, to VCs themselves, and your goals and objectives dictate how we approach you and our work.

So whether you're gearing up to launch, seeking VC funding or angel investors, or part of a growing tech business seeking non-traditional legal support, you can engage Accelerate Law as your legal partner throughout your entire startup journey, from idea to exit.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of our service. Work with us for individual projects, such as app launches, fundraising initiatives, EMI Schemes, or M&A deals, or retain us monthly, with the freedom to adapt your legal support as needed. Our own proprietary SaaS platform, Legal Sidekick, is also here to enhance your legal efficiency, save you time and reduce your costs through access to smart contracts and tailored startup legal guides.

We have sector expertise across the core business models that most software services build around:

  • Freemium

  • Subscription platforms

  • ‘Uber for…’

  • B2B licences

  • Variable usage pricing

  • Hybrids

Reach out for support on co-founder documents, seed investments, hiring developers, app launches, safeguarding your intellectual property. We've got you covered. Our mission is to ensure that you have the tools to fulfil your software’s potential and achieve your business growth goals.

What our SaaS and Technology clients say

SaaS and Technology Expertise

Simon Davies

Simon Davies

Founder & CEO

Ex-city Lawyer at Linklaters

Startups Expert

Silvia Dal Cin

Silvia Dal Cin

The General Manager

Ex M&A Project Manager

Trained as a lawyer in Italy

Laura Symons

Laura Symons

Lead Consultant

Head of Commercial and IP

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