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At Accelerate Law, we're passionate about entrepreneurship and its vital role in driving innovation and fostering growth. As a London-based firm with a global presence, we've established ourselves as a premier in-house legal resource, dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and international investors on their journeys to success.

With our collaborative approach, your success is our goal. We believe that entrepreneurship thrives when supported by collaborative, innovative legal guidance. Our mission is to accelerate startup growth by building strong, trusted and long-term relationships with highly ambitious clients. We understand that every entrepreneurial journey is a unique story, and we're here to help you script your own path to success using legal formulae that work.

From the inception of your entrepreneurial idea to achieving your loftiest goals, we provide bespoke legal services designed to cater to your specific needs - from idea to exit. Whether you're navigating the early stages, securing funding, scaling your operations, or planning for a successful exit, we make legal a strategic tool in your entrepreneurial arsenal.

We know well that entrepreneurs often face unique legal challenges, including cost considerations, the need for someone to call in critical moments, and ensuring readiness for investors and growth opportunities. Accelerate Law is your dedicated legal partner, acting as your on-call, in-house legal team. We provide expert legal advice, draft essential contracts, and offer support tailored to your requirements. As a founder, this will enable you to scale with confidence.

Our team comprises ex-City lawyers who share your entrepreneurial spirit. We've left prestigious law firms to partner directly with startups, entrepreneurs, and investors, looking for practical, innovative legal solutions that align with startup budgets and agility.

At Accelerate Law, we are enthusiastic about empowering your entrepreneurial journey, providing the legal support and strategic guidance you need to build a successful, forward-thinking startup.

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