Angel Investments

At Accelerate Law, we recognise the pivotal role that angel investments play in accelerating the growth of emerging startups. Our team of experienced lawyers help founders secure the angel investment capital they need to grow, whether from family and friends, network contacts, high net worth individuals or SEIS and EIS funds.

Partner with us on your angel investment journey, right through from applying for SEIS and EIS advance assurance, to sharing your term sheet, to signing investment agreements and closing your round. We provide strategic advice to structure our clients’ angel rounds in a way that achieves their funding and operational objectives, and that ensures compliance with SEIS and EIS regulations. This is particularly relevant when raising through convertible instruments such as Advanced Subscription Agreements (UK) and SAFEs (US)).

We know fundraising can be like a full-time job for founders, and our role supports them in ensuring that their fundraising processes are smooth, stress-free and conducted professionally throughout. Equally, our role goes beyond just funding; it’s about establishing a trusted partnership that can and does last throughout a startup lifecycle and through to exit. Typically, after a funding round, we work closely with clients on startup employment law matters, establishing EMI Schemes, and the terms of service required to launch a commercial product to market.

Our commitment is to support startups in securing angel investments efficiently, fueling their expansion, and creating opportunities for investors to engage with promising ventures. We cater to pre-seed, seed-stage startups, Series A ventures, and beyond, providing comprehensive support in raising capital. Our expertise also extends to UK crowdfunding platforms, where we guide startups through the crowdfunding process, with particular experience on platforms such as Seedrs and Crowdcube.

Whether you're a founder seeking angel investors or an angel investor looking to back innovative businesses, Accelerate Law is your trusted legal partner on the journey to closing deals successfully and building long-term success with strong legal foundations.

Expertise includes:

  • Structuring angel investment rounds

  • Angel investment documents and deal closing

  • SEIS and EIS Advanced Assurance

  • Advanced Subscription Agreements

  • Shareholders Agreements

  • Articles of Association

  • Convertible debt

  • Co-Founder Relationships

  • Investor Relations

  • Exit Strategies

  • Shareholder Conflict Resolution

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