Venture Capital and Private Equity

Our expertise in venture capital and private equity is designed to empower both investors and entrepreneurs, offering bespoke legal solutions, strategic guidance and advice that fosters founder-led growth and accelerates investment deals.

For inverstors, we help them draft and negotiate core investment documents in line with BVCA standards, ensuring that your interests are protected and aligned with each investment’s growth plans and unique risk-profile. We keep it pragmatic and adopt a clear focus on strategic objectives to ensure that they can be monitored and met. Alongside this, we support with fund establishment and simplify the process of setting incentive structures for fund managers.

For founders, we provide comprehensive support in structuring deals, and securing the funding you need to bring your vision to life. Every decision we make is based on growth, long-term sustainability in line with exit targets and profitability.

Our experience in VC means we are equipped to handle all investment legal processes with precision and a clear understanding of ‘what’s market standard’. We work with clients from due diligence and compliance, to contract management through VC funding processes, clearly communicating complex legal principles into concise everyday language so you know exactly what you want to push on and what you are signing up to and why. We know founders regularly juggle fundraising and operations, so when advising startups, we prioritise enabling founders to focus on their own priorities, and streamlining processes throughout.

Within venture capital, we’re not just a legal service provider; we’re a dedicated partner, here to empower you with the legal support you need to close deals efficiently and with confidence.

What our clients say

Meet the team

Simon Davies

Simon Davies

Founder & CEO

Ex-city Lawyer at Linklaters

Startups Expert

Silvia Dal Cin

Silvia Dal Cin

The General Manager

Ex M&A Project Manager

Trained as a lawyer in Italy

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