Share Options and Incentives

Our distinct approach to share options and incentive schemes is tailored specifically for startups and scaleups. We recognise that these schemes are more than just financial tools; they are crucial to incentivising staff, and ultimately your company's growth and success.

Our expertise in crafting EMI Schemes (Enterprise Management Incentive schemes) and other share options and incentive schemes (such as non-EMI advisor share option plans), is driven by the belief that every scheme should align with your business' unique goals and culture. We work closely with you to design share option plans that not only incentivise and retain key team members but also foster an environment of dedication and innovation.

We provide strategic advice throughout on structuring commercial terms of these schemes, so that they both maximise value for current team members, and provide clear downside protection in leaver scenarios. We take responsibility for you to ensure that the commercial terms of your EMI Scheme or other option plan align with your long-term growth goals, making the process efficient, fast and hassle-free throughout.

Whether you're a startup in its early stages, looking to attract and retain top talent, or a more established business aiming to reward and motivate your team, our team of specialists is here to guide you.

Choose Accelerate Law as your trusted partner in creating and incentivising your dynamic team that will propel your company to the next level. Let us help you maximise the potential of share options and incentives, as you build and grow your organisation, with a culture of collective ownership and responsibility.

Expertise includes:

  • EMI Schemes (Enterprise Management Incentives)

  • Advisor share option plans

  • Non-EMI Schemes for consultants

  • Share option pool planning

  • Cap table management

  • Share option agreements

  • Vesting

  • Good and bad leavers

  • Strategic Guidance

  • HMRC communications

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