Commercial Contracts

At Accelerate Law, we deeply understand the need for startups to have quick, agile and efficient ways to have secure commercial contracts ready when the times to close important deals. That is why we there for our clients in pivotal moments which define the success trajectory of their businesses. Whether this is for the launch of a new product, closing of a major sale or partnership deal, or hiring essential suppliers, we work closely with clients to ensure the deals are watertight and protect their interests.

Working with startups, we recognise their bespoke needs and our expert team is here to help you define the terms of engagement between your startup and your valued customers, suppliers and partners, aligned to your commercial goals.

Our service extends far beyond mere document drafting; your contracts are a reflection of how your business operates and we act as your strategic advisors to shape your deals, using our years of experience as City commercial lawyers.

We deliver the full range of commercial contracts.

Expertise includes:

  • T&Cs

  • Master Service Agreements

  • Statements of Work

  • Trial Service Agreements

  • Commercial Partnership Agreements

  • Commission and Introduction Agreements

  • GDPR and Privacy Policies

  • Data Processing Agreements

  • Licence Agreements

  • Distributor Agreements

  • Intragroup Agreements

  • Contract Review

For every client we represent, we get to know your business, and how you operate and your unique risk profile. With that understanding, we are able to draft contracts which capture your priorities, effectively cover your key risks, and which stand the test of time, even in challenging moments.

Working with Accelerate Law will immediately enhance your ability to do business and sign contracts seamlessly, in the confidence that your legal documents are watertight.

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